Thursday, 28 May 2015

Big Sound, Big Tings! First Single From Dirty Dubsters' New Album

Just a few weeks ago, our fearless leaders at Irish Moss made an exciting announcement. The Dirty Dubsters are all done their full-length album, Special Request! Barry and Jay have been locked in the lab for months now, perfecting the sounds that showcase everything Irish Moss is all about, and the results are nothing short of FIYAH! Their first single "Big Sound" has been making the rounds for a while, and it's time they opened up about it. Always shining the spotlight on everyone else, I nailed down Bazza and Jay to give me all the details on "Big Sound", from their partnership with Chip Fu and Screechy Dan to what it was like to finally finish Special Request. Big tings agwan! 

Irish Moss Kayla: You guys have just completed a full-length album. Must be an amazing feeling! How long have you been working on it for?

DD: Yeah it’s been good to finish this one. we’ve been here before in 2012 for our Fire it up album but this one was a lot less stressful, it just kind of came together as a result of us sidelining our projects for 2014 to focus on our Irish Moss Records label. We signed lots of music and have over 30 releases on the label now. We were also swapping projects and collabs back and forth and realised one day that we had about 8 tracks finished with some really good artists. We had a kind of Eureka moment and thought yeah ‘let's put another album together', and here we are.

IMK: You guys chose “Big Sound”, your track with Chip Fu and Screechy Dan as your first single from the album. Is there a reason you selected this one in particular?

DD: We both really liked the track. We have worked with the two guys before on a single that went out on NICE UP records a few years back. This was a kind of follow up tune. It took a while to get together, it was recorded in Dublin and two different sessions in Brooklyn and prob took the guts of a year to complete. The two guys did a top job on it and it just came together really nicely, We’ve been playing this one at our at our gigs for about a year now and always get a great reaction to it so it just felt like the likely candidate for the first single.

IMK: You’ve worked with Chip and Screechy in the past. It must have been a rock solid team since you wanted to work together again. Is that the case?

DD: Yeah, they’ve always delivered on the projects we've done together. Things take more time in general when you're working with two very busy guys based in Brooklyn. You have to send them the right beat and be patient. 

IMK: How did you get linked up with those two anyways?

DD: We hooked up with Screechy via a mutual friend, Whandah, who we had a track with before. We have been big fans of Screechy since we heard him on the Kenny Dope classic "Boomin in ya Jeep" ... and Chip Fu from the 90’s hip-hop group the  Fu Schnickens. I don’t think the pair had collaborated on a project till we got them both on our tune "Chant Down Babylon". Both are legends in their own right and they work wicked together. We're looking forward to continued works with these two and maybe even a tour at some point.

IMK: How long until we hear the next single?

The next single is out in July and Features Irish HipHop MC legend Ri Ra from the group Scary Eire. Blackout JA provides the hooks. Our good buddy Matjazz is producing an animated video to accompany this one along with remixes from MAARS and Adam Faz. We’ve also flipped a jungle remix to feature on  this one. 

So stay tuned, Dirty Dubsters aren't done yet. Next up, single number two! Special Request is full of bangers (TRUST ME), so watch for the album's full release. This thing is worthy of daily play, and has been getting rinsed hard everywhere I go for the last couple months. Big ups Barry and Jay!