Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Remix Fever Dirty Dubster Style

Massive tune in from our Fam in NYC, Liondub International, with the release of Reds ft. Delhi Sultanate "Fever", with Dirty Dubsters on the remix crew.

REDS, a recently-minted East London drum-and-bass duo are dropping their solo vinyl debut featuring vocals from India's Delhi Sultanate and remixes from Canada's jungle don Marcus Visionary, the inimitable Mungos Hi Fi out of Scotland, Irish Moss Records artists Dublin's Dirty Dubsters and one of France's dubstep legends, Von D. The bouncy original from the pair falls close to a dancehall feeling, with understated and low-mixed drums dropping away to accentuate the bounding bass rhythm and the center-stage vocal performance.

The old-school jungle style of Marcus Visionary comes through strongly in his rolling remix, which revels in the rush of tumbling drums and blasts of mid-range bass. Mungos Hi Fi give this release a solid reggae re-lick with new sound clash style vocals from Delhi Sultanate and sweet choruses from longtime collaborator Begum X out of India. This particular Mungos riddim released earlier in 2013 to great acclaim featuring vocals from none other than Soom-T on her "Bong Bong" anthem. The Dirty Dusters offer up a unique, Euro dancehall twist on their high energy remix. Full vocals and simple, yet, catchy grooves wind up the track in a unique style. From his rich past on labels like Argon, Black Acre, and Boka, it would be expected that Von D give an altogether more contemporary treatment, and fittingly he reduces the tempo, ups the atmospherics, and brings in brutal walls of battering bass in half-step time for the smokers in the room while leaving most of the vocals, which were so present in the other mixes, on the cutting room floor. The transformative ending to this widely-varied EP gives balance and range to the release and presents a strong debut offering for REDS and Delhi Sultanate as Liondub International continues its charge towards new territory for 2014.

REDS ft. Dehli Sultanate "Fever" is available exclusively HERE from Juno Download until it's general digital release on March 7th, following a limited vinyl release on the 1st.
Check out the music video for the original cut, and below that it's the Dirty Dubsters Remix on the Soundcloud Player.


Monday, 24 February 2014

Capitol 1212 ft. M.A.D. - "Worldwide Echo" (IMR019) OUT NOW!!!

We've been hyping this like crazy in the run up today, and here it is in all it's glory. Fully loaded with the baddest of remixes to slay dancefloors globally, "Worldwide Echo" is now available for download exclusively from Juno Download until it's general release (including itunes) on February 3rd.
That's the scoop, so go grab it and be first in ya street to boom it out ya windows!!

Capitol 1212 ft. M.A.D.
Worldwide Echo

Featuring M.A.D. on the microphone for this one, Capitol  1212 launch the second sonic missile from their forthcoming album "The Return Of Rudy Nacho". The voice of the smash hit "Superstylin'" (Groove Armada) joins DJ Fly T and Professa Fresh to detonate this 140 breaks anthem with his charismatic hype and rhyme. The track, with it's half-time reggae breakdown, get's remixed by Tuffist & Max Powa, Funkanomics, Juice Foresight, and Numa Crew, giving you mixes to resonate with any dancefloor. Check the boys in action in the music video below, on Soundcloud, and on their Facebook Page.

We're not lying when we say there are still lots of HUGE tunes to come from Capitol 1212 in 2014, and their rise is only further affirmed by their nomination in the Scottish Alternative Music Awards (SAMA's) for the "Best Hip Hop" category. You can vote for Capitol 1212 to win the 2014 SAMA for Best Hip Hop by simply voting HERE (no sign up or registration required). If you like, you can also wish them well by catching up with them on Twitter @capitol1212

Purchase Capitol 1212 ft. M.A.D. "Worldwide Echo" exclusively on Juno Download HERE

Irish Moss Records - Capitol 1212 ' Worldwide Echo' feat M.A.D on MUZU.TV.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Something for the weekend from the Champian Lovah

Dublin Crew!

The "Champian Lovah" that is Dirty Dubster Bazza Ranks (aka. DJ Obese) is on da loose in the streets of our fair city again this weekend, flying the flag for Irish Moss Records and ready to serve up the badman tunes to the town...

On Friday night Bazza hits The Bernard Shaw with Scribble Soundsystem's Tom Beary for a night of "Island Sounds". Place rocked for the last IMR session so we can't imagine this being any different, especially with Tom at the helm...nuff respect sah! For directions check out the Facebook Event Page, where we're told to expect dancehall, reggae, calypso, cumbia, reggaeton and sounds influenced by the Caribbean. Gate pressure is a big fat zero...yes it's a free event, with 8pm doors, so get down early!

Saturday it's off to Sweeney's Underbelly with Mr. Ranks, for the weekly Worries Outernational dance...a fine Dublin institution. The Dubster joins the Worries Crew as this weeks special guest for Reggae Fever in the basement venue at Sweeney's, where the crowd are always assured a top quality mix of roots, dancehall and a champion dub plate selection. Another free event and big favourite with all local crews, so again, get there early people. Don't forget to pay Worries Outernational a visit on Facebook to keep up with their gwannin's...

On Sunday our best guess that the Champian Lovah will take the day off, do his laundry...whatever it takes to stay champion. Man must be fighting fit for the next Irish Moss Records session with The Energy Collective on March 1st. It's back to a full live show for Dirty Dubsters and promises to be a huge night.

Catch you on the dancefloor Massive.


Thursday, 20 February 2014

Vote "Capitol 1212" for the Scottish Alternative Music Awards!

Easy All!

Yesterday we brought you the brand new video from Capitol 1212 and M.A.D. which accompanies their February 24th release with Irish Moss Records, "Worldwide Echo". We hope you all enjoyed it thoroughly, and you may watch it again today (if you've all been good girls and boys that is...)

Also alluded to in yesterday's blog, was the nomination of the mighty Capitol 1212 for a Scottish Alternative Music Award, in the category of "Best Hip Hop". The polling is by online vote, so if you like what you've been seeing and hearing here on the blog, then this is where you can show your support for the Edinburgh boys...there's no sign-up or registration, just pop in HERE and cast your vote (the Best Hip Hop category can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the voting form). It's just a quick click, then straight back to flappy bird. Winners will be announced at the award ceremony in Glasgow on March 8th. Exciting!

Here's wishing the very very best of luck from all at Irish Moss Records to Professa Fresh & Fly T, and to all the artists they have collaborated with, and for all the good boys and girls, here's the video again. Naughty ones, no clicking please. OK go on then...it's midterm...but only if you've voted!


Irish Moss Records - Capitol 1212 ' Worldwide Echo' feat M.A.D on MUZU.TV.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Video Premiere : Capitol 1212 "Worldwide Echo"

Worldwide Premiere... 

Today sees a brand new video release from Scottish Alternative Music Awards nominees Capitol 1212, bringing "Worldwide Echo" to your screens in advance of it's Feb 24th release on Irish Moss Records.

The second single off their forthcoming debut album "The Return Of Rudy Nacho" features vocals from M.A.D. (probably most widely known for Groove Armada's "Superstylin'"), and has been remixed by Funkanomics, Numa Crew, Juice Foresight, and Tuffist & Max Powa. Echoing around the walls here at IMR HQ, and not getting the least bit old, this monster of a tune is sure to fly out worldwide, so get in early and  pre-order from Juno Download HERE.

Worldwide Echo is premiering exclusively today and tomorrow via Muzu.tv. Visit the Irish Moss Records Muzu TV channel HERE and link up for all future video releases, and don't forget to subscribe to the blog to keep up to date with all Irish Moss Records releases, shows, news, interviews and freebies!

You can also pop along to the Scottish Alternative Music Awards website  and give the guys your support in the "Best Hip Hop" catagory. If you dig what Capitol 1212 are doing, show the love! :-)


Irish Moss Records - Capitol 1212 ' Worldwide Echo' feat M.A.D on MUZU.TV.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

February News (+ FREE DOWNLOAD)

Greetings All!

Spring is in the air and everyone is feeling very up-ful here at Irish Moss HQ. Before we are snowed under with newborn lambs and valentine cards, here's a quick run down on what's happening and what's coming up... Again, there are live shows to tell you about, a brand new release from Capitol 1212, who also bring you this edition's free download, and a Zion Train/Dirty Dubster exclusive.

Firstly let us all pause and raise our glasses and lighters to DJ Tzinas and Clinton Sly, who have put Irish Moss Records back up in top spot on Juno Download's Reggae Chart with "Real Good Gal" well done guys, nuff respect! You deserve the first two lambs of the season...we just have to figure out how to post them...
If you haven't already got your copy then check out our preview HERE and grab it while it's still Jam Hot!

Capitol 1212 ft. M.A.D.
Worldwide Echo
CAT NO. IMR019 - OUT FEB 24th

brand new release from Capitol 1212, and the second single from their forthcoming album "The Return Of Rudy Nacho" sees the Edinburgh duo team up with vocalist M.A.D. (who absolutely EVERYBODY will know from the global smash hit with Groove Armada "Superstylin"). This tectonic mover is set to echo worldwide as 140bpm breaks, bass, and bouncin' chatter from M.A.D. combine in a dancefloor smasher which drops to a big bad half-time reggae skank before building all the way back up to the top again. Another taste of the big things yet to come on 1212's album debut. Details on next month's album release will be coming shortly, but while you're waiting check out "Worldwide Echo" on Juno Download, where you can add it to your wishlist.

Being bad-ass in the beats department doesn't mean the Capitol 1212 boyz can't also be top rankin' all round nice guys too, which in fact they are, and to prove it they've dropped us off a little freebie for readers of the IMR blog...just check out the "Don Man Sound" remix at the bottom of the post, download and enjoy!

Rub-A-Dublin VOL2...
Line up including special guests 
Trojan Soundsystem, General Levy & Capitol 1212

Some line-up details for you on the second installment of Rub-A-Dublin, the big bad session at Twisted Pepper on Easter Sunday. We can now let you know the line-up, which once again brings you the cream of local talent, but with the added firepower of giants Trojan Soundsystem, the "incredible" General Levy, and making their Irish debut, Capitol 1212.
As you may guess, we are really hyped about this one, and you can expect a killer session over three rooms with hometown crews Junior Spesh and Worries Outernational joining local heroes Tom Beary, DJ Ram , Jigzsaw, and host Crazy-D. Irish Moss Records will be fully represented, with Dirty Dubsters live and Ancient Alien, while Lex Woo brings his Babalonia live sound to the party with MC Littletree, and Carlos Irie will be hitting the party with Aunty Shimmy for an Irie Ireland set.
DJ Ram will be bringing his pop-up-reggae-store (In-Dub), there'll be cinema screenings, and Propa Bickle take over the loft with a Munroes Marinade jerk cook-out (nom nom nom!).
Keep yourself up to date HERE on the Rub-A-Dublin Facebook Page.

Jungle Swingerz Valentine's Night Special
More news for the Dublin crew now, with Dubster DJ Obese (aka Bazza Ranks) and Lex Woo electing to spend Valentines night together for the Jungle Swingers gig at Pacino's. All for your dancing pleasure of course... The lads have lined up a special one-off loved up mix for the night which this blogger is not even going to attempt to accurately preview, as I am not so in tune with affairs of the heart, but expect a big mix of bass, beats, and funky tropical skankyness. Lovers Yardrock maybe...? Check out the event page HERE and fall in love...

Irish Moss Records Session at The Energy Collective
Once the honeymoon is over, it's back to business, and Irish Moss are returning to our good friends at The Energy Collective for another massive party at Fibber Maggees. This one starts early, with a beer garden session from 8pm, with yer man Carlos Irie and Ancient Alien, and of course, Dirty Dubsters do it live with MCs Leiko and Russell Flow. All the usual love, hugs and rainbows will be there in abundance, as will the face painters. If you're bored with clubbing, pop down and find yourself again at this gem of a night. Big ups to the Energy Collective Crew...we'd give you one of the spring lambs, except you'd probably paint it with UV and stick lasers to it (might look cool, but this is a baby lamb, not an adult sheep...) Instead we'll give you an exclusive listen to this official Dirty Dubsters remix of Zion Train's "Rainbow Children", which we feel is very fitting!
Check the EVENT PAGE, and we'll see you all on the 1st of March!

Finally, we get to the loot...yes, as promised, here is the FREE DOWNLOAD from Capitol 1212. Big ups to the guys, and don't forget to look out for the Feb 24th release of "Worldwide Echo"!


Monday, 3 February 2014

DJ Tzinas ft. Clinton Sly "Real Good Gal" (IMR018) OUT NOW!!!

Kicking off the month of February with a brand new springtime release!

The new offering is a collaboration between Greece's DJ Tzinas and Montreal mic-man Clinton Sly, as the pair get busy on Tzinas's version of the hugely popular "This Is Jam Hot" riddim.

As with all Irish Moss Records releases this is "Good fi da body", with big remixes in the bag from Cut La Vis, DJ MAARS and Dark Able. Check out the video below and meet the artists, check the sampler, then be a good gal and pop over to Juno Download where you can pick up the full EP for the devilishly low price of €6.66 ;)

DJ Tzinas ft. Clinton Sly "Real Good Gal" is out now Juno Download - get it HERE

Lots more February news on the way...releases, shows, interviews, and there are freebies on the way, so don't forget to subscribe to the blog so you don't miss out!!