Thursday, 16 January 2014

Remix Artist Spotlight: Neil Perch, Zion Train

Yes Massive, We are continuing our Remix Artist Spotlight series here on the IMR blog, and today we had a chat with Neil Perch, man at the controls of the mighty Zion Train. Neil is another heavyweight joining the all-star remix team for the Dirty Dubsters ft. Turbulence "When The Road Calls" Remix EP. 

IM: So it must be about a year since you've been to our home're no stranger to Dublin, how do you find the crowd Boss?

NP: Hoping to be back in DUBlin in autum 2014...I love the Dublin crowd, musically educated, relaxed people who like to relax and have a dance....just our style..

IM: What was it that turned you on to the Turbulence track?

NP: I think Turbulence has  a great voice so I was happy at the chance to work with it!

IM: Obviously you have a deep love for dub and reggae music, so who are your favourite roots-reggae artists out there at the moment?

NP: The best new JA reggae for me has to be Jah 9 although other places are producing some great acts too, the global reggae scene has never been so diverse and strong...

IM: Your live dubbing format has been an inspiration to Irish Moss flag bearers Dirty Dubsters to change their live set-up to vibe their material in a similar fashion.   As an essentially "analogue" performance act, how do you sit with the digital revolution?

NP: I think analogue sounds great - but digital is a valid future...For performance you need to be DOING something analogue ;) We are all analogue people no? So to entertain people you need analogue actions and music... Most importantly the methods are much less important than the MUSIC!

Dirty Dubsters ft. Turbulence "When The Road Calls" Remix EP is out NOW on Juno Download

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Remix Artist Spotlight: King Yoof

Easy all...

As regular blog readers will know, the Dirty Dubsters remix ep "When The Road Calls", ft Jamaica's Turbulence went on sale this week. We caught up briefly with King Yoof, who has laid down a killer remix of this big roots tune for the EP, and had the chance to ask him a couple of questions about reggae, here's what the man had to say...

IM: Bass, was it raves, or was it soul/funk/reggae that drove you? Was it from family tradition...or from teenage angst..?

Yoof: I grew up in Lewisham (S.E London) and my Uncle was a massive reggae/dub fan and collected vinyl, he took me to concerts like Reggae Sunsplash and i got to see artists such as Dennis Brown,King Yellowman,Sugar Minot etc.

Also Saxon Sounds was my local sound and was a heavy influence in my life and was the foundation of the british Reggae scene of the 80's, then Rave music came about which I heard alot of the reggae I was into being sampled and used in this new sound... since then I haven't looked back

IM: You've always been a real warrior in the breaks & bass scene, with the world at your feet so to speak, what was it that attracted you to this tune...?

Yoof: To me I'm always searching for that perfect beat or groove and when I heard the Turbulence track instantly I knew what I wanted to do... I like to go that extra mile on a remix either get the vocalist to re sing the parts at a different bpm or key, maybe bringing in a guest vocalist but for this remix I recreated the classic riddim by getting a friend to re play the bassline with a live Sax!

IM: Do you think reggae (outta JA) has changed?

Yoof: In Europe Reggae is massive and I find the fans will learn about the history of it, they will go in depth into learning about the foundation artists etc etc , The instrumental side "Dub" is played a lot more and the more authentic style of Reggae is very much at the forefront but in JA its different as they have adopted more the "Dancehall" style which is dominant in the clubs, its music for the Youth's a bit like what Grime is for U.K kids and traditional Reggae has taken a step back but I feel music goes in circles and New Reggae artists such as Chronix & Turbelence are becoming more popular and also the mixture of traditional reggae riddims that have that up to date almost dubstep production is becoming popular.

IM: Do you think reggae (as we understand it as a genre) is relevant in Jamaica today, and what's it's significance to the world at large?

Yoof: Reggae music will always be relevant in all its different forms, The styles are always changing but the foundations are always there... my only concern is that new Artists that breaking into the scene are becoming a bit of a "one hit wonder" just to make some money, we need more Artists with staying power, we need the new Dennis Browns, the New Gregory Isaacs etc and lay off the Autotune please. Reggae is the most important music worldwide as it has influenced everything from Rap music to Edm dance culture. You could be a 16 year old white kid from the middle of nowhere skanking out to the latest Dubstep beats and not even know who Bob Marley is but one thing i do know is that he was influenced by Reggae Sound system culture...

Big ups to King Yoof. You can stalk him on Facebook HERE and check out his remix of "When The Road Calls" on the Soundcloud player. The full remix EP is available now on Juno Download.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Dirty Dubsters feat. Turbulence - "When The Road Calls" Remix E.P. !! OUT NOW !!

The wait is finally over for the first Irish Moss Records release of 2014, with the launch of Dirty Dubsters ft Turbulence "When The Road Calls". Yes the vocal comes hot from Jamrock with one of the island's finest sons giving this downtempo stomper a real rootsman feel and vibe. Originally dropped on the Dirty Dubsters debut album "Fire It Up", this tune now comes storming back with heavyweight remixes from Zion Train, Numa Crew, T&K and King Yoof! Check it out on the player below, or if you want it RIGHT NOW jump direct to Juno HERE 

Big ups!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

January News (AND FREE DOWNLOADS!!!)

A belated Happy New Year to you all!

The year might be little more than a week old, but we've been busy here at Irish Moss Records HQ, and have plenty of top notch stuff ready for you for 2014. We have news on the first releases of the year from Irish Moss and Dirty Dubster Digital, the scoop on Capitol 1212's new album, our supercalafragalistic vinyl sale, the next Rub-A-Dublin, and finally, not one, but TWO FREE TRACKS courtesy of Dirty Dubsters. So first, let us take you through the soon-to-be-released file...

Dirty Dubsters ft. Turbulence
When the Road calls - The Remixes

Coming your way on Jan 13th is a rock solid sound sytem tester from Dirty Dubsters' 2013 debut album "Fire It Up!", which, with it's wicked vocal performance from JA's Turbulence, has been given the remix treatment worldwide, with reworkings from  King Yoof, Numa Crew, T&K, and Zion Train.Just to refresh your senses, here's a look back at the Dubsters' original, and we'll be previewing the remixes right here over the next few days, along with bringing you a few words form some of the producers involved...

Stick it on your Juno wishlist HERE!

Ragga Party Jams Vol.9 

Sister label Dirty Dubster Digital will also be dropping Volume 9 of the phenomenally successful "Ragga Party Jams" series on Jan 13th.
Contributions are as usual, from some of our favourite party rockers, with Iceone, Bluntskull, Subtifuge and Bruce Missile doing the damage on the the dancefloor with these ragga-tastic boomers. Another clip of sure fire killaz form the title as ever...

Go check it out on Juno Dowload at THIS LINK!

Dj Tzinas ft. Clinton Sly
Real Good Gal

Grecian God of skanky jams DJ Tzinas and our Bred from Montreal Clinton Sly hook up to re-work the much loved "This Is Jam Hot" Riddim. A hugely popular riddim last year, you know it well, with this employing a really smooth vocal from Clinton Sly as he chats about the hot gyal. Three top rankin' remixes from DJ Maars, Cut La Vis and Dark Able to bring fyah to ya crates...

Out Feb 13th on Irish Moss Records via Juno Download

Rub-A-Dublin-2 time!

Following the massive party that was the very first Rub-A-Dublin, we are pleased to announce that the date for the next installment will be Easter Sunday - April 20th. We can promise you another smashing bill, and to get the ball rolling how about we let you know that Capitol 1212 will be flying in for this one bringing some quality ragga-bass from Scotland! Rub-A-Dublin Vol2 is gonna be bigger and badder, so thanks for the huge support you've shown, and we look forward to seeing you blow the roof off Twisted Pepper again in April, as we'll also be celebrating  the Irish Moss Records Third Birthday! Stay tuned for some big announcements...

Check out the Rub-A-Dublin Facebook Page HERE

Vinyl Sale!!

Yes friends, here's a chance to grab some Irish Moss vinyl at knockdown prices as we fire off a January sale!! For a limited time you can pick up some  I.M.Wax , including the blood red vinyl of Dirty Dubsters "Fire It Up" (full album), with a special January reduction that'll put you in a good mood for the whole year (This has not been scientifically proven yet, but we're pretty certain it's right). Just jump in via the links below and fill yer boots!

Dirty Dubsters LP - Fire It Up 12" 10 Track Red Vinyl - Was £15, now £7.99

Cut La Vis - Little Way Different 12" Vinyl -Was £7, now £3.99

Danny T - Dreader Than Dread 7" Vinyl - was £6.50, now £3.99

Finally...Gimme the loot!
So here it is, the dirty loot! Dirty Dubster remix goggles strapped on, both Jay Sharp and DJ Obese bring you two takes on the huge Tanya Stephens track "It's A Pity", taking it places it was probably never intended, but these cuts are gonna rip up floors left, right & centre. Grab them here from Soundcloud and go smash da dance!