Monday, 21 December 2015

Dr King & YT - ''TV Baby'' out now.

Just before the only season where it is standard practice to sit down (possibly lie down) and graze on left over Turkey, Pringles and tins of assorted chocolates while you watch endless hours of TV. we at Irish Moss Records thought it'd be a good idea to release this beast. The Reggae tune calling for you to ''sort out your life'' and telling you ''it nuh right to watch TV from morning to night''. UK Newcomer DR King and Veteran YT link on this track and remixes come in Dancehall, Jungle and Garage styles from DJ Tzinas, Frisk & Solstice and Dirty Dubsters. Drop the remote and take a listen:


Friday, 16 October 2015

 Dirty Dubsters ''Special Request'' LP Out now on all good digital music sites. 

Well.... It has seemed like an eternity but the day has finally come. Yes indeed, the full LP: 15 tracks from Dirty Dubsters with vocal collaborations from artists in Ireland, UK, USA, Germany, Jamaica and Russia is now available to buy online.

We have worked over a 15+ month period to get their biggest project to date off the ground and out of the studios in Dublin & London into mastering and post production stages and finally today, to the general public. We also have a string of DJ sets and live gigs in the coming weeks to promote the project.

London: Oct 16th @ Concrete Space W/ MC Kwasi.
Bristol: Oct 23rd @The Attic.
Dublin: Oct 25th @ The Wiley Fox (Live Show with Bongo-Wiggle, RV & Mango)
London: Nov28th @ Brixton Jamm, London (Live Show With Bongo-Wiggle, RV, Mango & Kwasi)

Anyone looking to book the lads for a show or DJ set please email Dawn Kelly:

for media & Press inquiries:

Feel free to say hello on facebook:

Check out the newlook website to keep in the loop with all things Dirty Dubsters & Irish Moss Records.

From all at IMR HQ we hope you enjoy this record and we'll be back asap with more releases.

Irish Moss Records.
''Good Fi Di Body''

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

EDM Network Premiere: Dirty Dubsters Ft. Steppa Style ''I Love.'' *Album Sampler*

Greetings once again. 
Another week, another Dirty Dubsters ''Special Request'' album preview. This one come courtesy of EDM Network. 

This time round the guys hook up with Russian comrade Steppa Style for a tune called ''I Love.'' Definitely one for the Herbalists :) 

The full LP will be available Oct 9th from Irish Moss Records.
pre buy link:
Stay tuned for more previews in the coming week. 

Irish Moss Records Crew.
''Good Fi Di Body''

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Reggaeville Premiere - Mr Williamz Meets Dirty Dubsters ''Special Request''

This week, there’s big news in the world of Irish Moss Records. Our label heads the Dirty Dubsters have begun previewing more tracks from their full-length stunner, Special Request, available October 12, 2015.

Sharing the same name as the album, this single sees Bazza and Jay team up with vocalist extraordinaire: Mr Williamz. Our friends over at have been kind enough to shine the spotlight on this gem, and will be featuring the official preview of this fiyah track “Special Request”.

Follow the link, and get ready to pull up pull up, as this one has high probabilities of rewinds in da place!

Signing off,

LISTEN: Mr Williamz meets Dirty Dubsters - Special Request

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

VIDEO: ''Back 2 Boom City'' Dirty Dubsters Ft. Ri Ra & Blackout JA.

Dirty Dubsters and the ''Celtic Funkster'' known as Rí Rá from Ireland's original Hip Hop crew Scary Eire link up on a Hip Hop / Reggae riddim and call up on Dancehall don Blackout JA to provide one of his signature chorus lines. This is the second official single from the forth coming Dirty Dubsters album titled ''Special Request'' .

Ri Ra's slick lyrical flow is backed up by Blackouts power hooks to devastating effect. Remixes come in from Adam Faz and DJ Maars who both opt for skanking hip hop drum breaks while Dirty Dubsters add an additional Dubwise DnB mix.

Video produced and edited by Mat jazz. Photography by Eoin Holland.


Single Release Date: 11th September 2015

Album Release "Special Request" release date: 9th October 2015

Buy link:

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Big Sound, Big Tings! First Single From Dirty Dubsters' New Album

Just a few weeks ago, our fearless leaders at Irish Moss made an exciting announcement. The Dirty Dubsters are all done their full-length album, Special Request! Barry and Jay have been locked in the lab for months now, perfecting the sounds that showcase everything Irish Moss is all about, and the results are nothing short of FIYAH! Their first single "Big Sound" has been making the rounds for a while, and it's time they opened up about it. Always shining the spotlight on everyone else, I nailed down Bazza and Jay to give me all the details on "Big Sound", from their partnership with Chip Fu and Screechy Dan to what it was like to finally finish Special Request. Big tings agwan! 

Irish Moss Kayla: You guys have just completed a full-length album. Must be an amazing feeling! How long have you been working on it for?

DD: Yeah it’s been good to finish this one. we’ve been here before in 2012 for our Fire it up album but this one was a lot less stressful, it just kind of came together as a result of us sidelining our projects for 2014 to focus on our Irish Moss Records label. We signed lots of music and have over 30 releases on the label now. We were also swapping projects and collabs back and forth and realised one day that we had about 8 tracks finished with some really good artists. We had a kind of Eureka moment and thought yeah ‘let's put another album together', and here we are.

IMK: You guys chose “Big Sound”, your track with Chip Fu and Screechy Dan as your first single from the album. Is there a reason you selected this one in particular?

DD: We both really liked the track. We have worked with the two guys before on a single that went out on NICE UP records a few years back. This was a kind of follow up tune. It took a while to get together, it was recorded in Dublin and two different sessions in Brooklyn and prob took the guts of a year to complete. The two guys did a top job on it and it just came together really nicely, We’ve been playing this one at our at our gigs for about a year now and always get a great reaction to it so it just felt like the likely candidate for the first single.

IMK: You’ve worked with Chip and Screechy in the past. It must have been a rock solid team since you wanted to work together again. Is that the case?

DD: Yeah, they’ve always delivered on the projects we've done together. Things take more time in general when you're working with two very busy guys based in Brooklyn. You have to send them the right beat and be patient. 

IMK: How did you get linked up with those two anyways?

DD: We hooked up with Screechy via a mutual friend, Whandah, who we had a track with before. We have been big fans of Screechy since we heard him on the Kenny Dope classic "Boomin in ya Jeep" ... and Chip Fu from the 90’s hip-hop group the  Fu Schnickens. I don’t think the pair had collaborated on a project till we got them both on our tune "Chant Down Babylon". Both are legends in their own right and they work wicked together. We're looking forward to continued works with these two and maybe even a tour at some point.

IMK: How long until we hear the next single?

The next single is out in July and Features Irish HipHop MC legend Ri Ra from the group Scary Eire. Blackout JA provides the hooks. Our good buddy Matjazz is producing an animated video to accompany this one along with remixes from MAARS and Adam Faz. We’ve also flipped a jungle remix to feature on  this one. 

So stay tuned, Dirty Dubsters aren't done yet. Next up, single number two! Special Request is full of bangers (TRUST ME), so watch for the album's full release. This thing is worthy of daily play, and has been getting rinsed hard everywhere I go for the last couple months. Big ups Barry and Jay! 

Friday, 13 March 2015

RubaDublin Profile: A Quick Word With Live Dub Crew: ArubDub.

Greetings Guys,

You are a threesome of foreign nationals that seem to have combined in Dublin City while in different bands/collectives. Can you expand a little on this for those who are not familiar.

1) Who is is in the collective? Where are you from originally and how did you meet up to become ArubDub

 Arubdub is a 3-piece band formed by Chris, Arek and Monica.Originally from Poland but connected here in Ireland by the love for dub and reggae vibes.

2) Who does what within the group - Producer, singers, writers, players of instruments ect? 

Arek met Chris after one of Joyful Noiz concert and thats how it all started.
"I remember it well, they asked me to record vocals for  two  songs and we ended up doing whole album". 

The person who's behind all Arubdub production is Chris. He is the brain of all operation although nothing gets pass by without agreement from two other members. Arek is the man behind guitars and bass for Arubdub and Monika is writing lyrics and getting ideas for vocal melodies."Each song is different so it brings different emotions.Based on that we know which direction exactly we want to lead it.Most of the times we all agree in process of making our music and any disagreements  are often solved with a snickers bar so none of us would turn into diva. 

3) How much material have you put out so far? Can you tell us a bit about the forthcoming album ?

We're at the final stage of releasing our first album called" Eternal fire"even though were already playing gigs wherever we can to put ourselves out there and let the people get familiar with our music.

4) How do you find the crowds in Dublin - are they all receptive to the sounds you are pushing? 

I think reggae,dub music is still bit neglected in here but over the years  we've all been here in Ireland I can see big improvement.

5)  Where can people find you guys online?

To get familiar with our music you can like us on facebook or check our tunes on

Catch ArubDub Live at the Paddy's Day Skank on the live stage at 10:30pm. 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

DJ Ram - Dealing Dubs to Dubliners for 15 Years

We caught up with the one and only DJ Ram, the owner of Ireland's first and only independent Reggae Music store: InDub for a chat ahead of the Paddy's Day Skank in the Twisted Pepper. Ram will officially celebrate 15 years this St. Patrick's Day. Yes 15 years in operations, supplying the music of the Caribbean to the people of Dublin & Ireland.

Greetings Ram,  So the obvious question is how has a Libyan national ended up flogging 7'' vinyl to most of the selectas in Dublin since way back when?

Greetings. Let me start by saying greetings and salutations to all the reggae fans out there, one love & respect.

As some of you know, I started DJing in 1994 at Andrews Lane Theatre, and we did run lots of reggae nights throughout Dublin venues, but for years it was very hard for me and a lot of DJs to find reggae vinyl in Ireland. People had to go England to buy them, so it was a dream for me to open a reggae shop that provide good reggae music(CD's&vinyl) at reasonable prices. After four years of planing the dream became true and I opened my first store at Mother Red Caps Market in November 1999, and we are still here, and we are bigger and stronger.  

You've been involved with the reggae music scene in Ireland since the early 1990s. How have things changed in this time? 

Ya man, I have been involved with reggae since the 90's , DJing and bringing bands and sound systems, and to be honest with you, reggae has gone a long way from the old days. Back then there  was only one reggae night on Wednesday at Fire House Skank, now we have reggae almost every night of the week, plus live bands playing like Bionic Rats and others. More and more reggae bands have come and played in Ireland ...  I have seen so many great bands, who played at Tripod for example, and that venue wasn't normally a reggae place, but great gigs they were. So reggae was accepted and embraced in Ireland, and I feel now I am part of a big reggae family, so that's great to see.

With record stores shutting up shop left and right in the recent past, how has your store inDub managed to survive?

Ya man a lot of records stores have had to shut down over the past couple of years, but we managed to survive the recession but first it was a very hard work just to stay open. We struggled like everybody else, but we had great customers, the majority of them who still had jobs kept coming and buying reggae from InDub to keep us open and support us. We also we kept our rent small by subletting (even if it's meant to be underground), like I did under coffee Irie in the basement so the high rent is a killer, and what was the main reason to stay open is that our shop is unique. Being the only reggae store everybody comes by the shop. They like what they see. We have the best reggae selection, but we are also the only suppliers of Riddim Driven clothing,which is a big seller for us... and also may be my big circle of friends. Being well known helps too - being a DJ and also always out promoting my shop, seven days a week.

What do you sell most these days? Vinyl, CDs or Merchandise? 

These days we sell almost the same amount of reggae CDs and vinyl, but we do sell a lot of riddim driven merchandise at the shop and especially when we do reggae festivals, t-shirts will be the best sellers, and the rasta hats are good seller too, as we are the only shop who sell them.

You've become a staple at the RubaDublin Reggae Festivals. How have these gone for you so far, and what is it that makes your area so appealing to the punters?

Well the Rubadublin Festivals have been great for us, to showcase our music and clothes to the people at the Rubadublin Festival. To show them what we have, and to do that and enjoy it and make some money is a great feeling. It's a great idea and a lot of people wished it was once every month, so its great to be there with all these wonderful people who all they want is good vibration.
Our area is vibrant because when the punters come in, they can see how colourful the place is, with all the reggae t-shirts which add to the atmosphere, and we have got such great DJs who love to play reggae and do play great music ( Natasha, Atan, Catt, Ian, Dibo) so we like to party, and punters can see that and they love it.

Any plans for the future of the store? 

Ya man my plan for the future is to keep working hard and enjoy it, things are getting a bit better than the past few years, so we hope to see the store getting bigger and more and more music will be coming. We know success is not a destination but a journey, so we are gonna enjoy the journey.
One love and guidance, thanks to the Dirty Dubsters and the organisers of the fest, thanks to Twisted Pepper, but most of all, big thanks to all the reggae fans who have supported us over the years. We could not have done it without you, big up.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY INDUB RECORDS! A teenage reggae store in the beating heart of Dublin City. Big up and MAXIMUM Respect Sir.