Friday, 21 March 2014

Capitol 1212 Debut Album Preview...

Album preview time has come! Time to start feasting your ears on the brilliant debut from Scottish bass-merchants Capitol 1212.

We'll be teasing out the tracks to you here in advance of the Monday 24th March release, when you'll be able to purchase "The Return Of Rudy Nacho" in all it's digital glory HERE via Juno Download. If you're old-fashioned and have one of those marvelous record playing machine things, you'll be pleased to know you can also order a copy which exists in your own dimension from our vinyl distributor Kudos Records at this LINK.

Release parties will be happening in Amsterdam (28th March) and Edinburgh (30th March).

Dark Angel in di area...Irish Moss Records in session once again

Time to mash it up again at The Bernard Shaw with another top notch floor rocker session from the Irish Moss Records Crew. The crew return, with special guest Mowty Mahlyka aka Dark Angel, alongside Dirty Dubsters, Ancient Alien, Carlos Irie, and MC's Leiko & Russell Flow. This is gonna be a jam-down extraordinaire with label artist Dark Angel proudly in the mix, so you can expect this to go off proppa, with full force rootsman fyah! Here's a quick shot of audio to get you primed...

A FREE EVENT is always a beautiful thing, so why not treat yourself...The fun kicks off tonight (Fri 21st March!) at 8:30pm and wraps up around 12:30am.
Check out the Facebook Event Page for further info, and if you hadn't caught his shout out, here's Dark Angel's message to the Dublin Crew...

For those of you who wanna keep the party going, a certain IMR Crew selector & hack blogger will be joining DJ Pipes (The Boneyard Junkies) as special guest, for an afterparty session (which is also free) at Pacino's, for which there's another event page HERE.

Easy Massive catch you soon...

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Return Of Rudy Nacho

The very first limited pre-release vinyl copies of Capitol 1212's "The Return Of Rucy Nacho" hit Dublin today at Ireland's one and only dedicated reggae store, "In Dub".

Excitement is building in advance of this debut by Edinburgh's dopest duet and if you're diligent/cheeky/pushy enough, there are a few early copies to be had on wax, but the rest of the world will have to wait until March 30th when "The Return Of Rudy Nacho" will be available digitally from Juno Download, and on vinyl online from Kudos, and from selected record stores....

Order Vinyl Copies Online:

Buy Capitol 1212 "The Return Of Rudy Nacho" from Kudos Records HERE

Thursday, 6 March 2014

March Live Events with the Irish Moss Crew

Strangeways Paddy's Weekender
The Twisted Pepper
Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1, IE

Ancient Alien is the first out of the IMR yard to get the floor moving, as the Strangeways Here We Come team throw this opener for Paddy's Weekend. Yes the weekend lands when Ancient Alien joins Mr. Devitt, NPC, Yungwanz, DJ Bob, Emmo, and Your Local Vicar to ensure everyone hits the ground running. Heavy Bass vibes!! Here's the link to the EVENT PAGE if you fancy a really big Friday night out.

Jungle Swingerz "Genuine Electric Latin Love Machine"
Suffolk Street, Dublin 2, IE

Bazza Ranks of Dirty Dubsters teams up once again with the Irish Moss in-house Da Vinci and DJ extroardinaire Lex Woo for another installment of "Jungle Swingerz" at Pacino's (Suffolk Street, Dublin). Following the Valentine's Special last month, the event remains sexy as hell as Ranks & Woo bring you a party of "Big-beat tropical breaks and smooth latin rump a jungle style".... 

Yes Massive, the "Genuine Latin Love Machine" fires up it's maraccas at 11pm on Saturday 15th March, and rumps shall shake til the wee hours.
If Friday night is your night out, then check out the Facebook Event Page.

Mama Kasbah & Dirty Dubsters (A PT Connection Event)
The Hub
Eustace Street, Dublin 2, IE

Dirty Dubsters are on the loose again the very next night, with PT Connection taking part in the relaunch weekend at The Hub, bringing a monster line-up headed up by Mama Kasbah, with a live support from Dirty Dubsters. This mega line-up also sees live sets from Replete and from Joao Moita. Also on the bill for the day are DJ's Izem, Wah, Adrenalin (Initial Radio), TAWP, and Squee. 

That's all happening Sunday 16th March, at The Hub (Basement venue at The Mezz, Eustace Street, Temple Bar, Dublin), which happens to be one of the best sounding rooms in Dublin city, so well worth checking out. Link the Facebook Event Page with all the extra info & hype! 

Irish Moss Records Sessionwith special guest Mowty Mahlyka aka Dark Angel
The Bernard Shaw, 
Richmond Street South, Dublin 2, IE

BOOM! Here we come again with a big night of reggae inspired goodness as the IMR Crew return to The Bernard Shaw for the monthly session... The response to the Feb session was huge, so we thought the only way to top it was to introduce a brand new label signing to y'all. Very special guest for this month's Bernard Shaw session will be MC Mowty Mahlyka (aka Dark Angel). With a couple of releases due this year on Irish Moss, this might be a good time to get yourselves acquainted with Dark Angel.  All the usual crew will be in attendance, Dirty Dubsters, Ancient Alien, and of course, your faithful blogger! It's an early-doors show (8:30) and admission is free, so get yourselves along. Join up on the Facebook Event Page to stay in the loop (and see below for free afterparty info)...I could write you a few lines on what to expect, but it might be best if I let the star turn do the talking...

Dj Carlos Irie (IMR) & DJ Pipes (Boneyard Junkies)
Suffolk Street, Dublin 2, IE

Afterparty time for the IMR Session...and where better than at late night venue Pacino's. It's a link up with DJ Pipes of The Boneyard Junkies, where vinyl goes head to head (or hand in hand) with newfangled digital in what promises to be a great top-off for the night. Pipes has more badges on his jacket than any man we know, and suitcases full of Jamaica's finest wax (nuff said), while your blog writer will be trying to fuse the reggae/hip-hop/bass music universes in a complementary stylee, with a microphone or two free for whatever happens to kick off. Hit up the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE HERE to check the ins and outs, and bear in mind that while it's FREE ADMISSION at the door, you would be well advised to be there in advance of 2am before the shutters go down and you get locked out in the cold. Brrrr ;)


Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Capitol 1212 "Worldwide Echo" hits iTunes & a "Big Up" to The Energy Collective

Good news for all you iTunes users, as  Capitol 1212's "Worldwide Echo" featuring M.A.D. has hit the iTunes store. If you've been waiting for this moment to join the party, then hit the download button and come on in, the tunes are hot and the vibe is cool! Just jump on the link below and you're straight to the top of the queue like a VIP. We're all waiting out this week with bated breath at IMR HQ, as the votes are tallied in advance of Friday's Scottish Music Awards. You can follow all the buzz on the official SAMA's Website or over on Twitter.

Download Link : Capitol 1212 ft. M.A.D. "Worldwide Echo" on iTunes 

Big shouts must go out to the Energy Collective Crew after Saturday night's glorious session in the basement and beer garden at Fibber Magees Dublin.  All those positive vibrations are captured in this set of photos, so go check 'em out. Thanks again from all at Irish Moss, from Dirty Dubsters, Ancient Alien, and yours truly...let's just say we're already looking forward to the next party!

Tune in again tomorrow for the low down on what March has in store...